The HD Smile Clinic


One Hour Advanced Whitening, ONLY £49.00.

Two people coming together, ONLY £79.00



Congratulations - you've just taken the first step in rolling back the years from smoking, drinking tea, coffee, cola and yellowing from ageing to create a brighter and whiter smile! Our teeth whitening technology is one of the most popular systems in the world. It is safe, effective and very fast - with the whole treatment taking under 1 hour.

The Advanced Teeth Whitening treatment is a non-evasive treatment, which is clinically proven to produce superior whitening results.

There are different systems on the market but don't be fooled by quick or cheap teeth whitening treatments - unfortunately they just don't work!

Only quality equipment and whitening gels are able to remove the stains build up over the years. We guarantee quality and service for every single treatment and are sure you will be delighted with the results every time! Make sure you use the experts to brighten your teeth by up to 8+ shades, and get back that beautiful smile!

* Offer the Number 1 teeth whitening procedure
* Quality guaranteed
* Long lasting effects
* Little to no teeth sensitivity
* Cold-light laser technology filters any harmful ultraviolet light and heat
* Proven SAFE & EFFECTIVE treatment
* Whole teeth whitening treatment completed in just 1 hour
* Treatment cost of only £49.00